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Xuzhou Fangzheng Machinery renew centre gives the machinery the second life,utilizing Volvo unique design to save cost. There are many complete machine renew technicians based on many years experience in the Volvo equipment technical service aspect, for now,we will fully bring you the new service item of Volvo equipments renew in order to prolong high efficient running of your equipments normally。

  针对机器整体进行重造:aiming at machine to recondition
  将机器修复如新:Renew the machine as the new one
  对主要工程构造进行改良及更新换代:To improve & renew the main structure
  350多次的测试和检查:Testing and checking for over 350 times
  新机器序列号:The Serial No for new machine
  12个月质保:12-month QA
  传动系统质保选择:QA choice for drive system
  将传动系统恢复如新:Renew the drive &other system
  散热器,发动机,变速器,液力变矩器和轮轴复新:Renew for radiator, engine, transmission gearbox,torque converter and wheel axle.
  传动系统零件再造:Drive system parts recondition
  对重要技术和工程构造进行更新:Renew the important technology and structure
  12个月质保:12-month QA
  传动系统质保选择:QA choice for drive system
  可以达到相同品质 Be able to reach the same quality
  零件再造,给机器创造第二次生命Pars recondition, to give machines the second life.
  对重要技术和工程构造进行更新Renew the important technology and structure
  6个月质保 6-months standard QA
  其他质保选择Other choices for QA
  安全保证 Safety assurance
Based on the specialized technology, GEN Spare Parts and normalized service process, Fangzheng Machinery will supply the complete consultation and service for the machine to revitalize it, offer one-year QA for the renew equipment, and reasonably prolong the QA term according to the customers’ requirements. Your equipments, the best choice is machine renew.